Focused on excellence, Eurofreza is able to offer complete molds manufacturing solutions, from design to final mold production. A technical know-how with strong competence in the project’s management and execution, ensures the compliance with customer deadlines and specifications.

01 Project

Your idea comes to life with our Project team, made up of highly skilled professionals who are responsible for 2D and 3D mold development. All technical details are carefully considered, thus ensuring compliance with customer specifications.

In addition, the Rheological Study can be conducted, which enables to determine, while in the design phase, the necessary improvements to be implemented in order to achieve solutions to optimize the results.


  02 Production

With modern machinery and qualified professionals, Eurofreza always ensures the production of the mold under an effective control system and within the predetermined accuracy, as well as the guarantee of quality and compliance with deadlines.

03 Testing

Injection tests that reproduce the conditions specified by each customer allow functional mold inspection and visual control of the parts.  Dimensional studies make it possible to verify if the test parts obtained are according to the intended final specifications.

The results obtained allow us to define the necessary adjustments to be made in order to obtain an excellent molding performance.


  04 Validation

The constant communication with the customer allows them to constantly be updated on the development of their project. Therefore, the customer may previously approve any alterations/optimizations. 

The parts from injection tests are used for internal quality controls and submitted for customer approval. The customer’s final validation of the mold occurs in accordance with the analysis of the injected parts and their respective reports.